Friday, July 3, 2009

The language of the Hebrewman

Hello my friends who are interested in Israel!

Here is some information about the Hebrew language:
In Hebrew we have 22 letters:א,ב,ג,ד,ה,ו,ז,ח,ט,י,כ,ל,מ,נ,ס,ע,פ,צ,ק,ר,ש,ת
We read from right to left
!od ew seY
We have five letters which are written differently when positioned in the end of the word (just to make things complicated)
We almost never use vowels signs, and know how to read the words by recognition (almost like Chinese)
Hebrew have two forms of letters, the "square" form which is above, and the "cursive" form which is used for handwriting.
Until the 19th century, Hebrew hasn't been spoken for thousands of years and was only used for religious and literature reasons, now it is used as the official language in Israel.

Fun fact:
"Ani" in Hebrew = "Me" in English
"Me" in Hebrew = "Who" in English
"Who" in Hebrew = "He" in English
"He" in Hebrew = "She" in English

A site to play with Hebrew:

A song about Hebrew: